Our History

Surlingham Ferry House was founded in 1725, which makes it one of the oldest pubs in the area.  It was said to have ice storage facilities in the 1700s, and it used to  supply coastal fish merchants.  It was also used as a coal depot and as a courthouse for collection of tithes in the 1800s.

The ferry operation ended here in 1939 following a collision with a coaster.

Long serving landlord Herbert Whitmore (Simon) died in April 2001, aged 93.  After that a series of landlords on short leases ran the pub and it became run-down and closed for periods until Sonia, the present landlady, took over in 2009.

The pub is said to have a ghost – a man with a dog and there is a tradition that if you left a half a pint of beer in the pub overnight then it would be gone in the morning.

Surlingham Ferry House is one of the last places in the area where you can see the sunset, and it makes a perfect spot to watch the geese flying over in the evening.